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Feature Explanation about Smart Charge & BackupUpdated 9 months ago


The Smart Change and Backup functions on the Mango Power Union provide different operating modes for charging and discharging the device. This document aims to provide quick reference answers to understand the purpose and functionality of these features.

1. What is Smart Change mode?

  • Smart Change mode focuses solely on charging the Mango Power Union.
  • It does not provide AC output voltage for the load to utilize.
  • The product will not discharge in this mode, ensuring optimal charging efficiency.
  •  Use Smart Change mode when you want to charge the device without supplying power to the load.

2. What is Backup mode?

  • Backup mode enables both charging and discharging simultaneously.
  • The Mango Power Union provides AC output voltage to the load during the charging process.
  • This mode ensures an uninterrupted power supply to connected devices while charging.
  • Utilize Backup mode when you require continuous power to your load while the device is being charged.

3. How does the Smart Change mode benefit users?

  • Smart Change mode optimizes the charging process for the Mango Power Union.
  • It allows the device to charge efficiently without discharging any power to the load.
  • This mode ensures that the product is fully charged and ready for use when needed.

4. How does Backup mode benefit users?

  • Backup mode provides a continuous power supply to the load while charging the device.
  • The Mango Power Union delivers AC output voltage to connected devices during the charging process.
  • This feature ensures uninterrupted functionality of your load even during the charging phase.

Take Away

The key difference between Smart Change and Backup modes lies in the availability of AC output voltage for the load. Smart Change mode only charges the product, whereas Backup mode provides charging and discharging simultaneously, allowing the product to supply power to the load while charging.

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