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Connect with the Grid

Both the Power Home and the Power Move have grid AC Input ports on their backsides. The Mango Power Union supports a maximum of 3300W input. Connect with AC Input ports using the included charging cables.


Safety Note:. 1. Please disconnect all output ports before separating the Power Move from the Power Home. 2. please get in touch with professional electricians for all connections related to home circuits. Installation. The Mango Power Union consists

Can two Mango Power Union units be used in parallel?

Yes. The output increases proportionately with the number of units. Have the flexibility you want when planning your home electrical system. With more MP Union units, customize your own power hub to backup your home as needed.

Can I use the Mango Power Union on my RV? Will it power my RV?

The Mango Power Union is suitable for RV use. It is equipped with a 120V/30A plug (3300W output) that plugs into most RVs. It is also safe for use on the road and has received certification for being safe to use and transport according to US, EU, and

How long does it take to charge the Mango Power Union?

Mango Power Union can be recharged from 0 to 80% within 1.5 hours, and it will be fully recharged in 2.5 hours. With 95% transfer efficiency, Mango Power helps reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint while keeping you prepared for power outages.

Does it work with my country's plugs/outlets?

The Mango Power Union has different versions and takes an input voltage of 100-240V. We will be providing country-specific versions of machines for backers in the US, Canada, Australia, EU, and Japan according to your shipping address. Backers in the

What's the Mango Power Move battery capacity?

The smaller module, Mango Power Move, comes packed with an impressive 2,350W output power and 2,300Wh capacity, designed to be carried around wherever you need power.

What's the capacity for Mango Power Union?

The Mango Power Union has a robust 6,900Wh/4,350W capacity, expandable up to 69,000Wh/43,500W (with 10 units). With the Mango Power Union, you're covered in any situation. It meets the industry gold standard.

What is the warranty of the Mango Power Union?

The Mango Power Union is covered under a 3-year warranty; all accessories sold during crowdfunding are covered under a 1-year warranty. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any inquiries.

Feature Explanation about Smart Charge & Backup

The Smart Change and Backup functions on the Mango Power Union provide different operating modes for charging and discharging the device. This document aims to provide quick reference answers to understand the purpose and functionality of these featu

MP Union App: Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

Welcome to the Mango Union App Setup and Troubleshooting Guide! This guide will assist you in setting up the Mango Union system and provide troubleshooting steps to resolve any issues you may encounter. By following these instructions carefully, you

Why isn't my AC Outlet delivering power?

Please refer to the appropriate scenario below for guidance:. If no power is being delivered yet, we regret the inconvenience. Please email [email protected], providing your Move and Home Serial numbers (or PN) for personalized assistance. Shoul