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Questions about the Mango Power E

Is the Mango Power E a certificated safety item?

Mango Power guarantees that the Mango Power E device meets all US and International Safety and EMI Standards, and it comes with a 10-year CATL battery cell warranty. Please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] at any time t

Is the Mango Power E a waterproof unit?

The Ingress Protection Rating(IP Rating) of the Mango Power E device is IP21. This provides the device with protection against falling water droplets, condensation, and objects that are greater than 1 or 2 inches (12.5mm) in diameter.

Where do I find the device information for the Mango Power E?

Simply tap the Mango Power logo on the touchscreen to find the serial number, software version, and more device information.

How many Mango Power E batteries can be connected to my unit?

You may expand the device's power capacity to 7066Wh by adding one Mango Power E Battery. With the addition of two bundles (Mango Power E + the Mango Power battery), the capacity will reach up to 14kWh.

How do I power different loads using the Mango Power E?

· Press the AC or DC on the touchscreen to activate the power supply. · Then simply choose the outlet required for the device you need to power.

What is the nominal frequency of the Mango Power E?


Give a quick charge on your Mango Power E unit:

The battery percentage could reach 80% in 1 hour with Mango Power E fast charging cable recharging and 100% in 1.5 hours. (30A fast charging cable is needed. Please be noticed that the setting of Max AC Input Current should be set to 30A.)

How do I connect the Mango Power E device to my phone?

The Mango Power App allows you to control your device remotely intelligently and gives you complete peace of mind wherever you are. First, switch on the Mango Power E device. Download the Mango Power APP, then sign up & login to your Mango Power acco

How do I charge the Mango Power E?

There are four input charging methods to choose from:. Grid Charging (3300W Max). Solar Panel [2000W Max (60V-150V)]. EV Charger (Adapter needed, 3300W Max). Generator (3000W Max)

Is the Mango Power E device protected from an EMP Burst?

Yes, the Mango Power E device is protected from an EMP Burst.

Can the Mango Power E devices be charged by Mango Power solar panels while also being connected to different solar panels at the same time?

Yes, to maximize the output of your Mango Power E solar panel system, you can increase the rated power from the standard 2kW to 2.4kW or 3kW. However, please ensure that the open-circuit voltage does not exceed 150 volts. For a 2.4kW system with 200W

Does the Mango Power E device automatically function still during a power outage while being connected to an RV?

Yes, if the device's backup mode is enabled.

Can you charge the Grid with the Mango power E?

No, the Mango Power E cannot charge the grid as the device is not equipped with a grid- connected function.

Is the Mango Power E device eligible for Federal Solar Tax Credits?

Yes, standalone batteries with a capacity rating of 3-kilowatt hours (kWh) and more may also be eligible from January 1, 2022. However, please consult your tax advisor to determine if the energy storage device is eligible in your particular situation

Testing Continuity of Mango E Solar Cable

Please follow the below steps to test the continuity of your Mango Power E solar cable:. 1. Ensure that the Mango E solar cable is completely disconnected from the unit and the solar panels. This will prevent any electrical interference during the co

What Backup Battery Capacity means?

During backup mode, the Mango Power E can choose Backup Battery Capacity. There are three options: 95%, 90% and 85%.

How to address the APP error that crops up during connection?

If you're having trouble connecting your Mango E to the internet following a Bluetooth configuration (the Bluetooth light being off on the app settings page) and you encounter a pop-up window as shown below, here is a simple step-by-step guide to hel

Selecting the Ideal Solar Panel Connection Scheme

1. To get the best results from your solar energy system, it's vital to comprehend the different connection methods:. l Series Connection is when you link solar panels end-to-end, increasing the combined voltage while the current remains per one pane